CR Creative Group is an award winning public relations and advertising agency working with you to increase your sales, visibility and overall brand.

Integrated Marketing

At CR Creative Group we know our success depends on our ability to achieve client goals and deliver results. That’s why we design innovative strategies using all the latest strategies from online video, marketing to social media – from brand and website development, to ad campaigns and PR, we plan...

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) are the way of spreading the information between an organization and the public. Public relations may involve topics of public interest and news that not require payment.

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Web Development

CR Creative Group develops highly professional CMS, E–commerce websites with attractive designs for web and mobile applications. We follow the strategies and guidelines for websites to make search engines friendly.

Our Popular Services include:

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Why Choose Us?

CR Creative Group?

As a leading integrated advertising and digital agency we recognize the value of providing a comprehensive line of marketing services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together all aspects of media and communications to create a “one-stop” destination for our clients’ advertising, marketing and public relations needs.

Our Approach

The CR Creative Group marketing approach identifies the best mix of integrated solutions for the unique needs of your organization. We never recommend a ‘one size fits all’ plan. Using ‘old school” communication and collaboration with our clients, we forge personal, lasting and effective relationships. By offering our clients access to the complete breadth of marketing, advertising and public relations services we can design a plan that most effectively meets the challenge. By doing so, clients can focus on their businesses while we focus on helping them grow.

Why Us?

When it comes to marketing and advertising agencies, one size does not fit all. Working with an agency that’s too large, you’ll pay higher fees without the attention you deserve, and an agency that’s too small won’t be able to offer the level of services you need. That’s why we continue to remain right-sized. For over twenty years we’ve been known for building brands and helping companies grow.


Alaina, GoodBrain Creative

CR Creative Group gives 200% on everything they do. They give a constant flow of creativity and new ideas on every project. Cheryl has a mastery of many skills including public relations,media relations,advertising and much more. Even the most experienced media professional can learn something from Cheryl Rios.

Bruce, Senior Vice President, Southwest Bank

Cheryl is absolutely the best! Her knowledge and public relations background with her people skills and personal dealing with supporters of the organization is responsible for a large part of its success. Cheryl is keenly aware of the goals of her clients and her personality really stands out.

Kay,Vice President & Editor in Chief at the Food Channel

Cheryl is very dependable and brings insight and passion to the job.She could always help figure out the next best way to do something new, and challenges were fun to work through with her on board. During the time we worked together we were able to advance a number of initiatives, and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

Jennifer, Account Executive, CBS Radio

Cheryl is a straight-forward, honest, hard-working professional. She is passionate about her clients and demands only the best when working together. She is open to creative ideas, working with third parties and strives to make sure the needs of her organization are met. Anyone would be lucky to have someone as loyal and dedicated working for them. She goes above and beyond the I am also fortunate to call her a friend.